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Introduction to REST APIs logoIntroduction to REST APIs

3 days

During this training, you will learn more about REST APIs, how they work, and how to code and test your API. It covers most topics, from the creation or design of an API to its management. It will also teach valuable information about API testing or mocking and the most used standards in the industry.


Introduction: how the web works?

Presentation of APIs

Presentation of Web APIs

Benefits and real-life use cases


Presentation of REST APIs

REST APIs principles

API design best practices

The OpenAPI standard

Authentication introduction

Authentication and authorization

API tokens

OAuth and scopes

Anatomy of an API call

Request components (URL, method, params, etc.)

Response components (status code, body, etc.)

Overview of the JSON format

Creating your first API

Running a Node.js and Express server

Declaring routes

Serving different types of content

Adding headers

Adding a basic token authentication

APIs tooling

Calling/testing APIs

API mocking

API design

API documentation

Calling and testing your API

Using CURL

Using Postman

Mocking an API

Benefits of API mocking

Presentation of Mockoon

Creation of a simple mock using Mockoon

API management

Usage metering

API gateways


Trainer picture
Guillaume Monnet

Guillaume is a full-stack web developer living in Luxembourg. He is passionate about development in general and is currently working on https://mockoon.com.

Course info


Basic knowledge of web technologies

Basic knowledge of programming tools (VSCode, terminal, etc.)

Knowledge of the JavaScript programming language is recommended


3 days


English or French (for French, the course material is still in English)


All our courses are usually organized in Luxembourg in your premises or online.


Base price

1500€ (excl. VAT)/participant



Participants are expected to bring their own laptops

Minimum participants


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