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Angular: advanced level logoAngular: advanced level

3 days

During this training, you will learn how to use Angular's most advanced features and techniques. Angular is one of the most popular front-end frameworks on the market and offers numerous features helping create well-designed, easy to maintain, and scalable applications. This training covers Angular's most advanced features used to improve the application performance and maintainability.
The following topics are studied both theoretically and practically by building your application:

Optimizing the change detection

The change detection strategies

Switching to OnPush

Reacting to changes with the OnPush strategy

RxJS Observables

Revisiting the use of Observables with the OnPush strategy

Use the async pipe

Observable composition

Observables vs Subjects

Introduction to the state management

State management strategies

Presentation of some libraries

Using RxJS to manage the application state

Dependency injection

Modules and dependency injection

Using providedIn

Component level injection

Dependency injection providers

Advanced routing

Routing modules

Multi-level routing

Lazy loading

Advanced reactive forms

Working with FormArray

Using and composing validators

Creating a custom validator

Creating a custom async validator


Testing components

Testing services

Writing end-to-end tests with Protractor


Trainer picture
Guillaume Monnet

Guillaume is a full-stack web developer living in Luxembourg. He is passionate about development in general and is currently working on https://mockoon.com.

Course info


Experience with Javascript, HTML, and CSS is required.

Experience with Angular and Typescript is required.


3 days


English or French (for French, the course material is still in English)


All our courses are usually organized in Luxembourg in your premises or online.


Base price

1500€ (excl. VAT)/participant

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Nov 14 - Nov 16 2022

Dec 13 - Dec 15 2022

Jan 16 - Jan 18 2023

Feb 20 - Feb 22 2023

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May 22 - May 24 2023

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Participants are expected to bring their own laptops

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